Tuesday, August 26, 2008


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Name knock off alert!
StrawberryCouture, made a clique called the SOCIALITES! Sound familer? Once, our reigning clique, who is making a mighty fine comeback, might I add. And then when one of our lovely members said somethig she quickley changed the name to [and I quote] A-LIST CLIQUE, wich is really original Well, StrawberryCouture, I would just like to say that was a stupid move, and your welcome, because I know you'll be thanking me for making you a little bit more famous on this site. :]
You love to hate me . . .
Gossip Gal
[Thanks to Little Miss Natasha for info]

TCMO Gossip Gal
The Anti Clique: Okay, making an Anti Clique is STILL making a clique, bethanyhocd9. And what’s up with all these people making boards about, Stop making cliques or I hate all these cliques, OR Cliques are flooding the boards! My opinion: They were too much of a loser to get in one themselves.
UNATTAINABLE LOVE: Oh my gosh, this is an excellent story, currently at the top of the Aspiring Writers board with 389 replies. Good job! Let’s give xLynnNguyenx a round of applause.
How to become a Celebrity: Nice idea, OhMyJonas. And I read it, it’s great. But I already am a mini internet celeb. ;] But of course a good idea always has to become flooded with complainers. I suppose it’s unavoidable. So people go read her board, and leave her a nice comment!
Movie ruined Massie:
Have you seen the actual movie miss Legacy? I didn’t think so. So how could you say that!? But even though having one of the stupidest boards at this moment, you still got 115 replies, and for that I say congratulations.
Most Popular Clique of the moment: Pure Alpha! Again. At the top with a little over 1,000 replies, nice job! Again. Katesxx and iheartuux4!
You love to hate me…
Gossip Gal

TCMO Gossip Gal Alert!!
Wow. I am so very sorry if this hurts your feelings, but, you are not the Alpha of this site! Frankly, it’s too hard to who is tell right now. But having a poll asking the whole site how much Alpha power you have is stupid and pointless. Oh, and by the way, I saw the results of that poll. 29 people voted that you could be taken over by an LBR. Next time you make a poll I suggest you don’t put that option. And to all the AlphaNamedGabriella followers, be your own Alpha! Or have an Alpha that doesn’t pressure you to love her. I mean, it’s just sort of . . . wrong.
You love to hate me…
Gossip Gal

[P.S don’t bother ranting to me about this. Frankly, I don’t give a damn. I don’t pressure people to love me.]

[P.P.S. Thank you to ChanelGodess for info and being patient through the interogation]

TCMO Gossip Gal Contest
Enter the msot juicest bit of Gossip to moi, and you will have your name mentioned in one of my Goss Articles, never be Gossiped about by me and have your gossip on my pages! And you know, I have to boards dedicaated to Gossip, so Ah-lot of people will be seeing it...
You love to hate me...
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Name Knockoff Alert!!
JOIN HAUGHTLY COUTURE!!! Sound familier?
No, no memorys coming to your head? Haute Couture Magazine. Granted, I know Haughtley Couture is a Clique but still, have some originality! Don't you just hate when people steal your ideas and names. I mean I think I've seen about a million "Only Alphas" But wich is the real Only Alpha? Can't we all just be original, I mean soon there will probably a million more Gossip Gals, it's sad really. You love to hate me... Gossip Gal


TCMO Gossip Gal
You love to hate me....
Girl you are on fire! Girls all over TCMO are coming to your fashion guide for fashion advice! Great job, ever consider making a blog?

I would just like to point this girl out to everyone for most unique username. Don't worry LALAsheshang, unique is good! :]

Woah girl, who new a borad about Michael Phaleps could get so huge!? And I thought girls our age didn't really watch the Olympics, boy was I wrong.

ACCEPTING FEW MORE MEMBERS!!! Join to visit our site:
I would just like to congratulate BabyBratt for having the most popular clique of the second. With 887 responses you must be biz-ay! Congrats! You love to hate me... Gossip Gal

Monday, August 25, 2008


TCMO Gossip Gal You love to hate me . . .
Aspiring Writers:
Congratulations to Cass17, for having an awesome story in the Aspiring Writers section. She had gotten 461 replies! Great story Cass. Make sure to read!!
~ ~ ~
The Socialites:
Once our reigning clique has now disappeared!? WTF!? Where are the Socialites!? And now trying to come back to the people with “Beautification 101”, “The Socialites host the School of Style” and, my favorite “The Socialites and Co.” Sorry, guys it just isn’t working out for you. Guess you shouldn’t have kicked out your original Alpha, huh?
~ ~ ~
MOST EXCLUSIVE ONLINE CLIQUE YET! ONLY A LIST GLUS!***** I think NOT, pinkglossipgirl4913, or as you prefer to be called Kelsey, Kylie. LMAO! Sorry Hun, I think AAA and Pure Alphas gotcha beat. You love to hate me, Gossip Gal