Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TCMO Gossip Gal
The Anti Clique: Okay, making an Anti Clique is STILL making a clique, bethanyhocd9. And what’s up with all these people making boards about, Stop making cliques or I hate all these cliques, OR Cliques are flooding the boards! My opinion: They were too much of a loser to get in one themselves.
UNATTAINABLE LOVE: Oh my gosh, this is an excellent story, currently at the top of the Aspiring Writers board with 389 replies. Good job! Let’s give xLynnNguyenx a round of applause.
How to become a Celebrity: Nice idea, OhMyJonas. And I read it, it’s great. But I already am a mini internet celeb. ;] But of course a good idea always has to become flooded with complainers. I suppose it’s unavoidable. So people go read her board, and leave her a nice comment!
Movie ruined Massie:
Have you seen the actual movie miss Legacy? I didn’t think so. So how could you say that!? But even though having one of the stupidest boards at this moment, you still got 115 replies, and for that I say congratulations.
Most Popular Clique of the moment: Pure Alpha! Again. At the top with a little over 1,000 replies, nice job! Again. Katesxx and iheartuux4!
You love to hate me…
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